The main reason for the fear of students in exams these days is a very common problem for students. Too many incidents have occurred, namely, students committing suicide out of fear of exams. Fear of examinations and exam anxiety are major common factors among students of all ages such as schools, college students, and students competing in completive exams.

Some students may not be able to manage their stress. Some students fall victim to the effects of fear of the exam and then go on to become more depressed and anxious, performing poorly on tests or taking extreme measures stake action to manage the stress is very important, The first step is to find ways to relax before and during the exams. if You don’t want to be too relaxed, it’s ok, but you need for your mind to be highly focused but not overly tense about the examination. the mind is very focused on the test to avoid exam stress but not need over-focused.

There are many factors that increase fear of students from exams, pressure from peers, pressure from parents like there expectations from the child, and increasing competition, students from all over the world tend to fear examinations. The Fear of the exam gives students unnecessary stress and anxiety in there’s minds.

In this article, I am going to share with you some amazing tips to overcome the exam stress and the causes of why it happens? what are the psychological reasons behind it? that is going to help you beat the test with fear and depression. so get relaxed about the exam fearest and I am sure you will have no fear. Be sure to read the whole article and apply the suggestions given here that will definitely help you that I assure you.

What Are exams fear?

There are so many students who experience stress or anxiety before their exams. A little fear of yours can help you to do your best.but when this stress becomes so severe that it interferes with the performance of the exam, then it is known as test anxiety or test stress of exams.

Why these Concerns Come?

we have seen that during the examination when a test is presented, however, you find yourself so nervous that you leave out simple answers to simple and easy questions. If this kind of experience sounds you familiar, then you are the person, who is facing the exam anxiety and fear of testing that the method to identify the concern.

 What Are Trials Anxiety?

exams stress is a psychological factor where people experience severe stress and anxiety in any examination. While most of the time people experience some degree of stress and anxiety before and during
an examination. Exam anxiety can interfere with the learning of the person and impair test performance such as reduced energy of the person.

exam anxiety is a type of functional anxiety. In most cases when the pressure is maximum then
expectations of good performance, then people become to be so anxious that they can not do their best.

Let’s understand with some other examples of workplace anxiety:-

  • The group leader holds the file or presentation and forgets the details he or she will going to present to his or her colleagues and manager during the presentation of the job.
  • A cricketer is very anxious before a big match During the game, he succumbed to this pressure by start losing easy balls.
  • A harmonium student becomes overly nervous before starting the show. During the show, he
    he rebels against several important tunes.
  • During the exam even the students have the skills and knowledge to excel in these situations but, they are excessive anxiety disrupts their proper functioning that is the bigger mistake

we can observe that the intensity of exam stress can vary from student to student, another Some students may feel like they have a “headache” in their heads while other students may find it difficult to focus on the exam.

Do you know? A little bit of nervousness can help you, it can make you feel mentally alert and ready to face the challenges of your examination. According to the low of a great scientist Yerkes-Dodsonobserve that there is a link between your waking and performance.. it means that waking up levels can help you to do more better in exams, but only to a certain degree.

if your stress level falls to that point, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious that is disrupts your performance of exams. Excessive fear can make it difficult to concentrate and you may find it difficult to remember what you have learned for your exams?. It sounds like all the information you used so most of the time its sudden review seems unreachable to all the data from your mind.when you feel like you are unable to answers questions that you know you know the answers to. This failure to concentrate on the information you stored and memory and contributes to severe depression, making it more and more difficult to concentrate on the test paper.

                                     watch this video on tips of overcome exam stress

 Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders-

  • we can say that Symptoms of test anxiety can vary from student to student. Some students have only mild symptoms of test anxiety and are still able to perform well on exams. but some students are more likely to deal with their anxiety, misbehaving when tested, or panicked before or during exams.
  • the types of exam test anxiety or fear can be physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional.

Physical Symptoms of exam fear-

  • there are some Symptoms of physical fear like testing include sweating, tremors, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, etc.
  • cognitive and behavioral symptoms can be included
  • direct avoidance of learners’ examination.
  • quitting the schools.

Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms of exam anxiety-

here in Cognitive and behavioral symptoms can include like-

  • avoidance of exams by students r outright.
  • students will leave school to avoid the major source of their fear.
  • lots of students try to self-treat their stress by taking such a prescription that is so harmful to them like taking medicine and drink alcohol
  • Negative self-thinking, unable concentrating on the exam, and negative thoughts are also common.

Emotional Symptoms of exam stress-

There are some Emotional symptoms of exam stress are-

  • like depression, low self-esteem, anger, and a feeling of hopelessness.
  • Students feel helpless to change their own situations.

Most important Causes of exam Anxiety-

exam anxiety can be very stressful for the students who experience it but many students do not really realize that. Nervousness and low confidence in students are only normal reactions to stress. but For some
students, however, this fear can become so intense and they do not perform well.

So can you list causes of exam anxiety? yes! For many students, it can be a bunch of many things like-

  • • Not doing studies well.
  • • past test failure experiences.

A basic anxiety disorder in a student can help assess their anxiety.

We can list some more of the causes of test anxiety: –

  • Fear of failure in the exam:– When you connect your sense of self-worth to your test scores, the pressure you put on them
    itself can cause stress.
  • Negative test results in past exams:-
    If you did badly in a previous test, it could be because you did not study well enough. or because you were so stressed, you couldn’t remember the answers, this could also create an imbalance of excessive stress and a bad attitude every time you have to do another test.
  • not well prepared:- If you do not read well enough, this can add to your feelings of anxiety and stress.

Living Causes-

  • In any stressful situation, such as before and during the examination, the human body releases hormones adrenaline.
  • This hormone helps prepare the body for what is going to happen and is often called the “fight or flight” battle. In fact, this response prepares you to sit down again
    to deal with stress or to escape the situation altogether.
  • In humans In most cases, this boost of adrenaline hormone is a good thing. It helps to prepare you to deal with stressful situations, to keep yourself alert and ready. but to other people.
    however, the symptoms of anxiety they feel can be so severe that it is difficult or impossible to concentrate on the examination.

most important tips for Overcoming exam stress easily

Vanish the negative thoughts from your mind – If you start to have demotivated or defeated thoughts, such as “I’m not good in maths enough,” “I didn’t study hard enough,” or “I can’t do this,” push those thoughts away and replace them with positive and motivating thoughts. “I can definitely do this,” “I am familiar with my subjects,” and “I did study very hard,” can go far in helping to manage your stress level when taking a test.

Create a Study routine Plan:-

  • Keep your brain aware of your daily routine of study so that it is always prepared to take the next action very well and has no time to think of the fearful sight of the exam.
  • A good study plan is enough to make you well prepared and make balance study in all the subjects for the exams.
  • You must have to make a list, what you need to revise for each subject, and then divide that by the number of days you have left before the exam date.
  • Moreover, make a timetable for revision-which you can manage to achieve. If you have studied hard and are all set to take the exam then there’s no reason for you to be afraid of the coming examination challenge.

Don’t try to compare with others:-

  • students and parents tend to phone up their buddies and chat about each other’s preparation and progress. While this is harmless to a large extent, this could also lead to stress and anxiety.
  • so many students tend to get stressed out when they see their friends’ progress and level of preparation.
  • To avoid this, focus on your preparation.

Don’t focus on the perfection trap:-

Don’t expect to be perfect. We all make mistakes and that’s okay. you know you worked hard is really all that matters, not perfection.

Take small, study breaks:-

  • studying for long hours continuously can make your mind and body very stressed and fatigued which ultimately infuses fearful thoughts into your brain. Your brain will not be able to grasp any more information and this increases your exam phobia.
  • So, break out your study schedule to break the monotony and do some mind refreshing and recreational activities like singing, watching your favorite T.V. series, chatting with your parents, playing outdoor games, etc.
  • This way your mind will get refreshed and recharged and becomes ready to absorb more knowledge.

Take deep breaths:-

  • If you start to feel anxious during your examinations, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Work through each question or problem one at a time, taking a deep breath in between each one as needed and stay positive. Making sure you are giving your lungs plenty of oxygen can help your focus good and sense of calm.


Avoid last-minute preparation:- The last-minute preparation is not too productive and useful. as I have experienced others and me, but this is what I feel.

Always focus on revision:- Don’t forget to revise that you have studied.

Conclusion: – as we have seen the stress is the most important barrier to our success so we always need to manage it to achieve the goals of life. when you are going to papers in any examination try the above technique to overcome the exam stress that is very helpful to you. if it helps you a little bit then I will think my writing of this article is successful. if you have any questions and queries comment below I am here to answer you.

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